Mock Draft Time

With my draft coming up in three days and my computer working again, its mock draft time.  I ran a couple last night, one on Fantasy Pros and one on RT Sports, which my league uses.  I have to say, I do enjoy using Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard.  I know its not as great as drafting against real people, but often I find it making better decisions than some of the people I’ve been drafting with.

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PC updates

I finally bit the bullet and decided to update my PC.  I’ve been rocking my Intel DX79SI motherboard for seven years along with an i7-3820.  They’ve treated me well.  I won the mobo from an Evil Geniuses Twitter contest all those years ago.  It is a great board, only problem is that the LGA 2011 socket it uses was discontinued not too long after I built my PC.  Needless to say, it made updating my PC a little bit more expensive.

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Fantasy Redemption

This year will be the year.  Sure I said that last year and the year before.  But this year I mean it.  I used to be good.  Real good.  I hadn’t lost money in fantasy football ever.  And then it all disappeared.

I was being passed by.  Personally, I blame Matthew Berry.  Before my own obsessive knowledge of the NFL was enough to carry me to a top three finish year in and year out.  Then everybody started listening to the guru.  Soon thereafter I was just another dude in a fantasy football league and losing…

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I’ve started a website/blog/internetwordthing a few times on a few different subjects.  Now I have decided that they all should just live in one and hopefully I can keep it alive.  Sports, music, games, life, beer, food, coffee and whatever else I feel like.  I will post it all here.  I want an outlet for writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences.  So with that, i give you, ounce.

Oh and if you were wondering if you see a ‘Fried’ Calzone on the menu, I highly recommend ordering it.

Roco Roco Roco!


Disco Ninja from Revision Brewing at Roco Wine & Spirits

I remember hearing of this great bottle shop over in West Sac a few years ago.  Usually I only head to West Sac to hit up Bike Dog or Yolo Brewing and nothing more.  Then some friends moved across the river and once again I started hearing about this bottle shop that now had a taproom as well.  Well a Super Beer Brother can’t resist a good beer spot so we finally made our way over there.

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Capital Hop Shop Bacon & Beer Dinner


We here at Super Beer Brothers obviously love beer.  But there is something else we love too.  Well, yes, our significant others, but that’s not what we are talking about here.  We. Love.  Bacon.  What doesn’t it make better?  Exactly, nothing.  So when Capital Hop Shop announced they were hosting a Bacon & Beer dinner during Sac Bacon Fest, we had to go.

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