NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Another Week Down and we have a new team on top of the NFL Power Rankings. The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to climb up the rankings while the Washington Commanders continue to slide.

Doesn’t Hurt to Be Wrong

I was wrong, Jalen. Rent is due and I am here to pay. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t stoked on draft day that we spent a second round pick on a back up quarterback instead of a weapon for our current franchise QB Carson Wentz or someone to help the aging defense. The core of…

Hazy update: bottling was a success!

As I mentioned in the last post, bottling a hazy is always an adventure for a homebrewer. Oxidation is always a worry, and with hazys, it’s even more of an issue due to the large amount of hops and how easily the style can be ruined by oxygen. Thanks to a wonderful r/homebrewing post from…