Do What Now?

Do what you love. It sounds so easy. The older I get the harder it seems. Yet the older I get the more important it seems. I’ve built a life that I can say I am proud of. I have a beautiful wife and wonderful 6 month old daughter. I own a home and am […]


My father died over two years ago. It had been several years since I had talked to him.  Our last encounter was one that I will never forget. We truly almost came to blows. I’m not one to fight. But that day I was ready to.  

Hazy update: bottling was a success!

As I mentioned in the last post, bottling a hazy is always an adventure for a homebrewer. Oxidation is always a worry, and with hazys, it’s even more of an issue due to the large amount of hops and how easily the style can be ruined by oxygen. Thanks to a wonderful r/homebrewing post from […]