NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Another Week Down and we have a new team on top of the NFL Power Rankings. The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to climb up the rankings while the Washington Commanders continue to slide.

Trevor Lawerence and the Jaguars continue to climb up the NFL Power Rankings. Getty Images
Trevor Lawerence and the Jaguars continue to climb up the NFL Power Rankings. Getty Images
  1. Philadelphia Eagles – This team has looked the best in the NFL. Both sides of the ball have looked dominant. They have been answering the questions on both sides of the ball and about the coaching staff. Biggest argument against them is the competition they’ve played. Jalen Hurts continues to impress.
  1. Miami Dolphins – Could be #1 due to strength of schedule. Good teams find a way to win and they have done just that. All the off season news was about the offense, but this defense looks legit and are still missing Byron Jones. Why not #1? Offense has work to do. They haven’t played a complete game yet.
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Doesn’t Hurt to Be Wrong


I was wrong, Jalen.

Rent is due and I am here to pay. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t stoked on draft day that we spent a second round pick on a back up quarterback instead of a weapon for our current franchise QB Carson Wentz or someone to help the aging defense. The core of the team that had just brought the first Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia held a special place in my heart.  I wasn’t ready to let go. I wasn’t ready to admit that the window had closed. I was wrong.

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Mock Draft Time

With my draft coming up in three days and my computer working again, its mock draft time.  I ran a couple last night, one on Fantasy Pros and one on RT Sports, which my league uses.  I have to say, I do enjoy using Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard.  I know its not as great as drafting against real people, but often I find it making better decisions than some of the people I’ve been drafting with.

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Fantasy Redemption

This year will be the year.  Sure I said that last year and the year before.  But this year I mean it.  I used to be good.  Real good.  I hadn’t lost money in fantasy football ever.  And then it all disappeared.

I was being passed by.  Personally, I blame Matthew Berry.  Before my own obsessive knowledge of the NFL was enough to carry me to a top three finish year in and year out.  Then everybody started listening to the guru.  Soon thereafter I was just another dude in a fantasy football league and losing…

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