Barebottle Brewing Galaxy Dust


East Coast meets West Coast in this hazy IPA from Barebottle Brewing Company.  Galaxy Dust is the first beer I’ve tried from Barebottle Brewing I was thoroughly impressed with this offering.  Hailing from San Francisco, Barebottle hit the nail on the head with combining notes of pine and citrus to create a wonderfully balanced NE-style IPA.  It is not a giant juice bomb like some tend to be, but is juicy none-the-less.  Also it has a lighter body than most NE IPAs I come across these days.  Galaxy Dust is an easy drinking IPA that is quite satisfying until your glass is empty.

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Belching Beaver Hop Highway IPA


Dam good times and dam good beer!  That’s what Belching Beaver brings to the table with their Hop Highway IPA (and many of their other great offerings).  I first heard of Belching Beaver a few years ago when they teamed up with Track 7 on a Mexican Lager. Since then, they have held my interest with consistently putting out solid and creative beers, including a collaboration with Sacramento’s own Deftones.  They have certainly earned their spot on my San Diego beercation list.

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Knee Deep 7th Anniversary Triple IPA


Well fresh off IPA day, we get to celebrate International Beer Day!  Not only do we celebrate that, but we also get to say Happy Anniversary to Knee Deep, a staple in the Northern California craft brewing scene.  Hailing from Auburn, CA, Knee Deep has been blasting our palates with 100+ IBU beers and have a stellar line up of beers in all styles.  I recommend grabbing a flight or two when at the brewery and enjoying as many as the limited releases as you can!  Responsibly of course.  Knee Deep recently turned seven and released this triple IPA for all to enjoy.

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Happy IPA Day! Modern Times Tetra City


Well it’s here, Happy IPA Day everybody!  And what better way to celebrate the day than to enjoy a beer from a brewery than makes some of the best IPAs around, Modern Times!  Hailing from the IPA capitol of the world, San Diego, these guys put  out some of the tastiest and dankiest IPA’s I’ve ever had.  Chances are if you open my fridge at any time, you will find something from Modern Times in there.  Whenever I get down to San Diego, I will be spending a lot of time at their brewery, waking up with some of their delicious coffee, and then diving into their more limited beers.

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Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA



Citrus IPAs are quite the rage these days.  I remember trying to hunt down Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin just a few years ago.  Now every brewery everywhere is doing some sort of citrus IPA.  And for good reason.  Citrus and hops go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Like Jordan and Pippen.  Like Culpepper and Moss.  Like pizza and beer.  Like cheese and everything.  Like Josh and Jeff.  Ok ok you get the picture.  Its a delicious, refreshing combination that we here at Super Beer Brothers love.

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