Hazy update: bottling was a success!

As I mentioned in the last post, bottling a hazy is always an adventure for a homebrewer. Oxidation is always a worry, and with hazys, it’s even more of an issue due to the large amount of hops and how easily the style can be ruined by oxygen. Thanks to a wonderful r/homebrewing post from user rhymeswithoranj, Rod’s Lazy Hazy Pale Ale was packaged up successfully.

mmmm juicy

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Brew Day!

The all important research and development stage

This past weekend I made my way down to San Jose get another brew day in with Josh. But this wasn’t just any brew day, this was our first attempt at all grain! We’ve been extract brewing for a few years now and we have finally made the jump.

This was a learning brew for sure. We just wanted to go with a nice and easy IPA to get the hang of things. Overall the process went smoothly, but we would do a few things different next time.

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Roco Roco Roco!


Disco Ninja from Revision Brewing at Roco Wine & Spirits

I remember hearing of this great bottle shop over in West Sac a few years ago.  Usually I only head to West Sac to hit up Bike Dog or Yolo Brewing and nothing more.  Then some friends moved across the river and once again I started hearing about this bottle shop that now had a taproom as well.  Well a Super Beer Brother can’t resist a good beer spot so we finally made our way over there.

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Capital Hop Shop Bacon & Beer Dinner


We here at Super Beer Brothers obviously love beer.  But there is something else we love too.  Well, yes, our significant others, but that’s not what we are talking about here.  We. Love.  Bacon.  What doesn’t it make better?  Exactly, nothing.  So when Capital Hop Shop announced they were hosting a Bacon & Beer dinner during Sac Bacon Fest, we had to go.

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21st Amendment Fireside Chat


When the temperature starts to drop and the days get shorter, nothing is better than gathering around a cozy fire with good friends.  Which is why President Roosevelt used fireside chats to give hope to the country in times of crisis, the depression and WWII.  He was a friend in your parent’s or grandparent’s living room.  Today, 21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat is the friend in your home.  With a rich malty flavor, the roaring fire won’t be the only thing warming you up this fall.

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