Doesn’t Hurt to Be Wrong


I was wrong, Jalen.

Rent is due and I am here to pay. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t stoked on draft day that we spent a second round pick on a back up quarterback instead of a weapon for our current franchise QB Carson Wentz or someone to help the aging defense. The core of the team that had just brought the first Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia held a special place in my heart.  I wasn’t ready to let go. I wasn’t ready to admit that the window had closed. I was wrong.

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Hazy update: bottling was a success!

As I mentioned in the last post, bottling a hazy is always an adventure for a homebrewer. Oxidation is always a worry, and with hazys, it’s even more of an issue due to the large amount of hops and how easily the style can be ruined by oxygen. Thanks to a wonderful r/homebrewing post from user rhymeswithoranj, Rod’s Lazy Hazy Pale Ale was packaged up successfully.

mmmm juicy

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Brew Day!

The all important research and development stage

This past weekend I made my way down to San Jose get another brew day in with Josh. But this wasn’t just any brew day, this was our first attempt at all grain! We’ve been extract brewing for a few years now and we have finally made the jump.

This was a learning brew for sure. We just wanted to go with a nice and easy IPA to get the hang of things. Overall the process went smoothly, but we would do a few things different next time.

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Mock Draft Time

With my draft coming up in three days and my computer working again, its mock draft time.  I ran a couple last night, one on Fantasy Pros and one on RT Sports, which my league uses.  I have to say, I do enjoy using Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard.  I know its not as great as drafting against real people, but often I find it making better decisions than some of the people I’ve been drafting with.

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