NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Another Week Down and we have a new team on top of the NFL Power Rankings. The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to climb up the rankings while the Washington Commanders continue to slide.

Trevor Lawerence and the Jaguars continue to climb up the NFL Power Rankings. Getty Images
Trevor Lawerence and the Jaguars continue to climb up the NFL Power Rankings. Getty Images
  1. Philadelphia Eagles – This team has looked the best in the NFL. Both sides of the ball have looked dominant. They have been answering the questions on both sides of the ball and about the coaching staff. Biggest argument against them is the competition they’ve played. Jalen Hurts continues to impress.
  1. Miami Dolphins – Could be #1 due to strength of schedule. Good teams find a way to win and they have done just that. All the off season news was about the offense, but this defense looks legit and are still missing Byron Jones. Why not #1? Offense has work to do. They haven’t played a complete game yet.
  1. Buffalo Bills – What a weird game. Numbers show offensive domination when you don’t look at the score. Defense held pretty damn solid considering the injuries in the secondary.  
  1. Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson.  That’s it.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs – Self inflicted wounds turned this game from a KC route to a loss. I do have concerns, they haven’t been the most disciplined team. Usually their talent just outweighs it. That will win out most likely this year as well.
  1. Green Bay Packers – After an abysmal week one, Rodgers is finding chemistry with his new WRs. Still the best team in the NFC North
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Health has taken them down a peg. But that defense is scary. And they still have Tom Brady.
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars Potentially they have played the most complete football out of any team this season. Going across the country and dominating the Chargers is a statement win. Remember when Trevor Lawrence was the consensus #1 pick for three years in his collegiate career? We are starting to see why.
  1. Los Angeles Rams – After a rough week 1, the team has found a rhythm. Kupp is a maniac and this team is still extremely capable of beating anyone.
  1. Minnesota Vikings – Three games in, three completely different products on the field.  Ten could be too high or too low.
  1. Cleveland Browns – A team that should absolutely be 3-0 with Jacoby Brisset at QB. And he has looked more than serviceable.  Amari Cooper has been a great addition. 
  1. Dallas Cowboys – After a brutal week 1 against the Bucs, they have strung together a couple of good wins with Cooper Rush at the helm.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals – Here is where we get to the teams with records worse than who they are.  Things will even out for the Bengals over time.
  1. Los Angeles Chargers – A team stacked with talent that has face a tough schedule so far. What’s worrisome is the injuries are starting to stack up and I’m not sure they will get past them.
  1. Detroit Lions – Another team that could be 3-0. Even when they are outmatched they will be a tough out.
  1. New York Giants – Two wins out of three is a success for the Giants at this point.  Saquon looks healthy and I think Daboll is getting the most out of this roster currently.
  1. Indianapolis Colts – Quality win over the Chiefs, but still plenty to be concerned about, especially with Matt Ryan. 
  1. Denver Broncos – This offense looks inept and so does the coaching staff. 2-1 feels like 0-3.  
  1. Arizona Cardinals – Disappointing to see where this team is at with this staff in year four. I don’t see a path towards the NFL elite with this current group, despite having an answer at QB.
  1. San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy G clearly is not the answer. Again there is talent on this roster, but they haven’t looked like it.
  1. Tennessee Titans – The surprising Titans window that we didn’t expect to be open has closed. Will they turn things over to Malik Willis full time at some point this season?
  1. Chicago Bears – Justin Fields has only completed 23 passes this season. 
  1. New England Patriots – Down year and now Mac Jones is down too.  Brian Hoyer szn?
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – Trubisky is still Trubisky. Turn things over to Pickett and see if he can utilize the weapons they have.  
  1. New Orleans Saints – Losing to the lowly Panthers in an ugly game isn’t ideal.  Taysom Hill took snaps at QB at practice with Winston dealing with a bad back
  1. Atlanta Falcons – What you’ve seen is what you will get. Not good, but not the absolute worst. London and Pitts looks to be a nice duo to build around.
  1. Seattle Seahawks – I’ve been impressed with Geno Smith so far, but the offense isn’t great and the defense is downright awful.
  1. Washington Commanders – I almost put them at the bottom. Carson Wentz has made plays to lose every game this season. Not sure how they can fix that as no one else has been able to yet.
  1. Carolina Panthers – Watching Baker run this offense has been painful. Watching Matt Rhule coach this team has been even more painful.
  1. New York Jets – Joe Flacco is 5th in passing yards through three games.  I think that says it all.
  1. Las Vegas Raiders – 0-3 that could easily be 3-0. Need to get it together fast. How long can you give Carr after you give him DaVante Adams?
  1. Houston Texans – Unfortunately the Texans are who we thought they were. Davis Mills wasn’t supposed to be a starting NFL quarterback. His latest videos on his ESPN player page are from his days at Stanford…

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