Let’s start the season

The research has been done, the podcasts have been listened to and now the draft is complete. Here are your 2019 Alshon Jeffreys:

In every single mock draft I did, Ezekiel Elliot did not fall to me at number seven. I think he may have fallen to sixth a time or two, but I did not expect to get one of the top four running backs at seven. I guess what Bell did last year is scaring people off. I’m happy to take that risk. I don’t think Elliot misses any games. And if he does, I drafted Pollard.

Then Julio Jones fell to me at pick 18. I was considering Julio at seven depending on how things fell. Needless to say, I think my first two rounds were incredibly successful. In my eyes I have tier one players at RB and WR.

I’ll be honest, there were some questionable picks in this draft. Travis Kelce went at nine. Malholmes was drafted two picks later. Aaron Rodgers went in the second round. There is a team with three quarterbacks….

I can’t talk too much, I drafted Winston on a misclick. I was considering him anyways, but I could have had him two rounds later as well.

Knowing that Elliot is a risk, I wanted to go RB heavy early on. Also I feel there is way more value at WR in the middle of the draft than at RB. Aaron Jones and Leonard Fournette were my next two picks. While I’m not all that high on Fournette, I think he is a great value in the 4th round.

With three first option RBs on my roster, WR was my next spot. It certainly had thinned out, but I was still able to grab TY Hilton, who had fallen with Andrew Luck’s retirement. Yes, no Luck is bad luck for Hilton, but Brissett isn’t an awful QB. And he throws a decent deep ball, something Hilton excels at.

From here on out I was looking for upside guys. Miles Sanders and Allen Robinson are both looking to be the number one options on their teams at their positions. Njoku is an athletic freak, the kind that can flip the TE position upside down in fantasy. Plus my guy Vance McDonald who I have targeted in all of my mock drafts was taken super early… Also Marvin Jones had 1,100 yards and 9 touchdowns just two seasons ago while being hurt for most of last season. Curtis Samuel also looks to be entrenched as the number two guy in Carolina and brings great upside in the last round before defenses and kickers.

And with waiting on a defense (as you should), any that you would want all year long were gone, so this was about match ups. Philadelphia has a home game against Washington week one, a team with a new QB, Case Keenum, and Guice was just cleared to come back last week. As for kickers, well, Jake Elliot plays for my team.

Computers know best.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked on this team. If Elliot plays, I have some great pieces at RB for trades. If he doesn’t, I probably still have enough to trade. Julio will hold my WR1 and Robinson and Hilton will go depending on match up and how they look. Maybe I turn one of those RBs into a better option at QB. The free agent pool on that front is looking pretty rough. Hello Fitzmagic? Sam Darnold, are you taking a huge leap forward?

Final preseason games are about to be played. The season is just about here. Hopefully none of my guys retire before then.

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