Fantasy Redemption

This year will be the year.  Sure I said that last year and the year before.  But this year I mean it.  I used to be good.  Real good.  I hadn’t lost money in fantasy football ever.  And then it all disappeared.

I was being passed by.  Personally, I blame Matthew Berry.  Before my own obsessive knowledge of the NFL was enough to carry me to a top three finish year in and year out.  Then everybody started listening to the guru.  Soon thereafter I was just another dude in a fantasy football league and losing…

Sure I started working full time (including Sundays) while going to school full time.  And yeah I began a long term relationship that took up time other than watching ESPN 24/7.  Yes, maybe not being at a university obsessed with football anymore took me out of things.

Life changes.  But I still blame Matthew Berry.

Not really though, I’m actually a pretty big fan.  And Mr. Berry if you are reading this, PLEASE HELP ME.

But this year is different.  This year I am dedicated.  This year I am the boss and can schedule myself to have Sundays off.  This year I am listening to podcasts and looking at PFF, FantasyPros and reading every Matthew Berry piece religiously.

This year I will not lose money on fantasy football.  I am prepared.  Also I am thinking of streaming my league’s draft on Twitch.  I think there is an audience out there for this so I’m going to give it a shot.  If you want to watch tune in to My Twitch channel.  So far the tentative time/date for the draft is Tuesday 8/27 at 7pm PST.

Oh and yes, my team is The Alshon Jeffreys

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