Roco Roco Roco!


Disco Ninja from Revision Brewing at Roco Wine & Spirits

I remember hearing of this great bottle shop over in West Sac a few years ago.  Usually I only head to West Sac to hit up Bike Dog or Yolo Brewing and nothing more.  Then some friends moved across the river and once again I started hearing about this bottle shop that now had a taproom as well.  Well a Super Beer Brother can’t resist a good beer spot so we finally made our way over there.


Driving up, nothing is standing out, seems like the liquor store you and I are accustomed to.  Then you step inside and find this:


Hallelujah! This bottle shop is filled with nothing short of amazing finds.  The Rare Barrel, Grimm, Mikkeller and nearly anything else you could want is on these shelves.  When I went back East for a friends wedding, I hit up Roco to get the goods I knew my good friend wouldn’t be able to find there.  And this is only the start.


Behold, the freshest of the fresh money can buy.  I’m talking Seven Still cans that were canned only a day or two before being in this fridge.  The latest Modern Times cans are in this fridge.  New Glory’s can releases always make it here.  Temescal, Mikkeller SD, Ballast Point, Belching Beaver, Heretic’s latest releases are always right here.  I find myself standing in this very place every week, amazed by what is in front of me, trying to decide what to buy this time.


Heading over to the other side of Roco, you will find the taproom.  More than twenty taps featuring some of California’s finest and more.  Bay area bombs, Sacramento favorites, sours from Santa Cruz are just some things you can come to expect here.


A pair of double IPAs from New Glory.

And there is an outdoor patio to enjoy some pints with old friends and space to make some new friends.  I can’t make a post about Roco Wine & Spirits without mentions the man himself, Ro, the one who makes this all happen.  He drives all over the state, finding the best kegs, cans and bottles to share with his Sacramento family.  He has remembered me since my very first trip into the store and is always making sure I know of the goodness he has to come.  His selection is second to none, his taproom has one of the best selections in town, but what really sets Roco Wine & Spirits apart is Ro himself.  I know he’s got big plans for the future, like a second location in Sacramento, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Just one recent haul from Roco Wine & Spirits.

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