Fieldwork Brewing Good Conduct

Sometimes you need to try your hardest to behave to get what you really want. And what we really wanted this Thanksgiving was a boozy, delicious beer that could stand up to the feast in front of us. Thankfully, the folks at Fieldwork Brewing were up to the task and gave us Good Conduct!

This isn’t your average brown ale. In fact if you told me this was a stout I’d believe you. This brew is full of flavors that will put your grandmother’s pecan pie to shame.  Sorry grandma. Your grandma, not mine. 

Good Conduct is a bourbon barrel-aged maple imperial brown ale. Basically they put some Vermont maple syrup and vanilla bean paste into this brown ale and then aged it in some bourbon barrels. If your mouth isn’t watering… We can’t be friends. Coming in at 12%, this beer packs a punch and you know it.  But then the sweet maple syrup takes over your pallate, bringing relief to that boozy edge Good Conduct brings. A wonderful silky, syrupy, smooth mouthfeel make this a delight to drink. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Super Beer Brothers!

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