Victory Brewing Old Horizontal


The very first post on this website featured Victory Brewing Company and today we revisit another one of their bomb beers.  I am super stoked because in a few weeks I’ll be back east and am stopping by Victory Brewing!  I can’t wait to see what goodness they have that I’ve been missing out on.

Old Horizontal is a barleywine that packs a ton of flavor and a good punch to go with it. Personally I prefer a good boozyness to my barleywines, and Old Horizontal delivers on that front.  You can certainly tell this beer is 11%, but its not overpowering.  Notes of brown sugar and raisin really shine through here.  Old Horizontal has a lighter body than anticipated and isn’t syrup like at all.  It feels great on your palate.  The sweetness of a trailmix paired with the alcohol of an 11% beer play well off each other here.


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