Happy IPA Day! Modern Times Tetra City


Well it’s here, Happy IPA Day everybody!  And what better way to celebrate the day than to enjoy a beer from a brewery than makes some of the best IPAs around, Modern Times!  Hailing from the IPA capitol of the world, San Diego, these guys put  out some of the tastiest and dankiest IPA’s I’ve ever had.  Chances are if you open my fridge at any time, you will find something from Modern Times in there.  Whenever I get down to San Diego, I will be spending a lot of time at their brewery, waking up with some of their delicious coffee, and then diving into their more limited beers.

Now I said they make some of the dankiest beers around and what we have here today is a great example.  Tetra City gives you a good dank punch immediately.  Its a wonderful aroma  with a taste to match.  Coming in at 8.7% and 80 IBUs, Tetra City is certainly a strong double IPA.

While there is that punch, overall Tetra city is a smooth drinking.  Its lighter body appeals to this.  Your palate adjusts as you continue to drink it, making it smoother and smoother as you go.  The tropical finish the beer gives makes sure of that.  At a time where the cool thing to do is hazy NE IPAs, which we here at Super Beer Brothers do love, it is refreshing to get a great West Coast IPA that has a wonderful clean, crispness to it.

One thing I always love that Modern Times does is that they list what hops they use in their beers.  Tetra City has a combination of  Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade.  For home brewers this is always a great way to learn what hops you like and want to use in your next adventure.  Maybe you will be seeing a Super Beer Brothers beer soon with some of these hops….



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