Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA



Citrus IPAs are quite the rage these days.  I remember trying to hunt down Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin just a few years ago.  Now every brewery everywhere is doing some sort of citrus IPA.  And for good reason.  Citrus and hops go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Like Jordan and Pippen.  Like Culpepper and Moss.  Like pizza and beer.  Like cheese and everything.  Like Josh and Jeff.  Ok ok you get the picture.  Its a delicious, refreshing combination that we here at Super Beer Brothers love.

The Blood Orange IPA from Latitude 33 Brewing Company might be the most citrus forward IPA I’ve ever tasted.  The aroma smells of blood orange so strongly that I believe I was asked, “Did you just open a Fanta?” when I cracked open this bad boy.  The taste doesn’t disappoint either.  Orange to the face hits you right away.  There is a solid hop profile to help balance out the fruit, but it doesn’t take the stage away from the focus here: ORANGE.

I don’t know about you guys, but this beer made me quite nostalgic for some orange treats of my youth.  First thing to come to mind was the orange drink from McDonald’s that your parents would get you instead of soda to go with your Happy Meals.  This beer is like that, but with carbonation.  Occasionally in elementary school, we would get some frozen Minute Made juice bars.  These things:


That’s what this beer tastes like.  And when you brew beer and its 106 degrees outside, you need something that’s going to be damn refreshing.  And that’s what the Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA is.  Damn refreshing.

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