Mo’ Mango Mo’ Problems New Glory Craft Brewery


Happy 4th anniversary to one of the best and most creative breweries in the Sacramento region, New Glory Craft Brewery!  I had the chance to meet Julian at a pint night at Dad’s Kitchen a little while back and I have to say, what a great guy with a strong passion for brewing original beers.  It’s great to see New Glory getting bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Onto this beer, Mo’ Mango Mo’ Problems is an American Wheat ale brewed with lactose and then fermented with heaps of mango puree.  This is definitely a mango beer, hits you with the aroma and right off the bat in the taste.  I believe the wheat ale soaks up the mango puree fantastically, the color really shows that.  The lactose brings out a citrus like sourness in the beer.  Nothing too harsh, but its definitely there.  Overall it’s lighter bodied than I expected, there is a weight to it, but its not heavy.  Mo’ Mango Mo’ Problems packs a punch of mango flavor with an easy drink-ability that’s great for a hot summers day.

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