Victory Brewing Java Cask




Whenever I am able to find a beer from Victory Brewing out of Downingtown PA, I usually buy it. My friends back east rave about the brewery and judging from the few beers I’ve had from them, it’s easy to see why. Java Cask is no exception. In fact it’s my favorite beer from them that I’ve had to date. A barrel-aged coffee stout boasting​ a 14.3% ABV delivers deep, complex flavors and an enjoyable boozy bite. The subtle sweetness helps balance out the bite and the coffee flavor lingers longer than the others. Visually this beer is dark. Used motor oil dark. It has a heavy weight with a so smooth mouthfeel. I am a huge barrel-aged stout fan and I have to say Java Cask ranks at the top of my list with other heavy hitters like Lagunitas High Westified Coffee Stout and Evil Spread from Cellarmaker.


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